The Charlene & Co. Celebrate Victory event on April 13, 2017 was very inspirational not to mention a lot of fun!

Hearing stories of resiliency, courage and success and dancing and singing like kids, was better therapy than a doctor could order.

I encourage everyone to explore the ideas behind the Piñata Theory with Charlene and be open to the possibilities change can bring.

Elise Marentette, CHRP, CHRL, Principal Consultant – HR Plus By Design (May 2017)

  • "Charlene was the Guest Speaker at the National Addiction Awareness Week event held at the Delaware First Nation in Moraviantown. Charlene made an instant connection with the community members through her enthusiastic and personal approach. The personal stories and experiences struck home with many community members as evidenced by their participation in your presentation. Watching the community members approach Charlene after her presentation to thank her and inquire about some of the material she discussed was a sign that she succeeded in reaching them at a personal level. Great Job ! Thank you for being a part of our event!"

    National Addiction Awareness Week Committee - September 2015

    Moravian First Nation Police

  • "Charlene is a dynamic speaker and coach. She speaks with passion and purpose!
    I highly recommend Charlene as your next hired speaker for an event or for your
    company's strategic planning!"
    Deb Crowe - Radio Show Host, Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Coach (May 2017)

  •  "One of a kind event! An atmosphere full of enthusiasm, of hope and fellowship.

    Great speakers with powerful stories that made some audience come on stage and share their success stories.

    Loved it and I look forward for the next one! I’ll get my VIP spot as soon as the tickets are available."

    Florin Marksteiner, Film-TV Producer, Canada (April 2017)



  • "Few individuals bring with them true empathy through life experience.

    Even fewer are able to translate this into powerful life changing formats for transforming others. Charlene is one of those people."

    Jim Lutes - CEO of Lutes International, California, USA (February 2017)

  • "Thank you so much for all your support and participation in Recovery Day 2015 ... you will be missed on the committee as we move forward but we wish you all the best in your future with your relationships, your family and your public speaking ... you put a lot of time and effort into helping make 2015 the success it was and that was truly appreciated ... Thanks Charlene for everything you did in helping us make the inaugural Recovery Day Chatham-Kent the special day it was for our community ... Thank you so much for all that you brought to our committee and for all your bring to our supporting our community."

    Recovery Day Chatham-Kent Committee 2015 


  • “My name is Kris Sterling and I currently live in London, Ontario. I am currently an owner of a renovation business.  I have a wonderful girlfriend and two step kids. I own a vehicle and all my tools and am currently paying off my debts.  I say all of this because my life was not always so great. Growing up I have always struggled with depression and addiction which has gotten me into a lot of trouble - in and out of jail and caught up in losing myself in pills. I met Charlene through my brother.  When I first met Charlene she caught my attention with her compassion to help me.  She told me about Teen Challenge and when I said I would try it she held a fundraiser that raised all the money for me to go to a 1 year treatment center.  Through the program and guidance of my good friend Charlene, I have found a much better path in my life. I would like to thank Charlene for her guidance and seeing the potential in me and her passion to help people in need.”

    Kris Sterling


  • "The personal story Charlene shared at the MoMonday event in London (February 2015) was absolutely heartbreaking and inspiring. You helped us to understand how forgiveness and perseverance allows us to move forward through difficult situations. When I listened to your story I could feel your pain and all I wanted to do was hug you. It is amazing the power of a personal story and the perspective it can give you. It is motivating to me how Charlene has transformed her difficult experience into a learning opportunity for others. Charlene is truly inspirational. I feel privileged to have met Charlene and I will always remember her story. Thank you." Dina Boone, London, 2015

  • Akwesasne First Nation - Celebrate Your Life Conference 2015

    "Charlene's story was great to hear, and I really liked her words about forgiveness.

    What really stuck with me was, Forgiveness is the Key to Freedom."

    Lacey J. Herne, Admin Assistant, Akwesasne Family Wellness Program (Jan. 2015)

  • "I really enjoyed Charlene's speech, especially her life stories, as they seemed so relevant to some of the stories from my life.

      I was able to connect and take a lot away from the experience.

    She was a wonderful speaker for the Celebration of Life."

    Attendee at the Akwesasne First Nation - Family Wellness Program - Celebration of Life - 2014

  • "People truly enjoyed your life stories and insight and outlook on life after all you have been through.  The majority of our attendees took pages of notes from your speech, including myself, and really took a wealth of knowledge from your words."

    Lacey J. Herne, Admin Assistant, Akwesasne Family Wellness Program (2014)


  • "Listening to Charlene speak is a moving, touching and inspirational experience. As she shares her story you are transported to a world she kept hidden and the silent struggles that are faced when breaking free from shame. Charlene gracefully invites you to feel every emotion as she walks you through denial, disgrace and disillusionment yet leaves you empowered, at peace and full of tangible techniques that get your life back on top. Engaging, entertaining and packed full of life experience, Charlene’s speaking is extremely powerful."
     Betsi Simmons, Professional Organizer, London - MoMonday London Event (Feb. 11, 2015)

  • "Thank You for your fabulous presentation at Mo-Monday London. You truly are magnificent."

    Richard Stewart, St. Thomas, Ontario - MoMonday London Event (2015)

  • "Awesome individual, dedicated to her life purpose as a woman, mother, community member and professional.”

    “Very knowledgable, powerful and passionate speaker.”

    Chatham-Kent Community Health Centre - Reducing The Stigma Conference 2011

  • "Charlene brings tremendous passion, boundless energy, and deep conviction to her work.

    The world really needs her help for youth to avoid the dangers of drugs and find their inspiration to get their highs in life itself."

    Jim Clemmer, Founder and President, The CLEMMER Group (2011)

  • "Charlene is both educational and inspirational... you’ll be blessed by her enthusiasm and message."

    George T. Glover, National Director, Teen Challenge Canada (2011)

  •  "Charlene is an excellent community relations person, providing substance abuse awareness training in schools,

    community centers and churches in Southwestern Ontario."

    Jacob Enns, Pastor at Leamington Evangelical Mennonite Church (2014)

  • "Charlene has excellent communication skills.

    She has the ability to clearly articulate and get a message across, even when it’s a difficult or emotional message.

    I’ve also been impressed by Charlene’s positive attitude."

    Brad Coulbeck, Detachment Commander  (2014), OPP Chatham