The 'Piñata Theory'

Charlene's life changing and powerful keynote: THE PIÑATA THEORY©, based on her upcoming books. Charlene was invited by Jim Britt and Jim Lutes (world renowned leaders in peak performance, training, speaking and empowerment) to contribute as a co-author in The Change book series. Charlene is in book 12 that was released in November 2016 and her chapter is called The Piñata Theory. The Change Book series is published worldwide and quickly climbing the best seller charts. Charlene's full version book - The Piñata Theory, is being released on Oct. 11, 2017.
It all began with Charlene's personal journey......
All I knew was, I wanted to change, I didn’t want to live this way anymore.
I sought the guidance of a Psychologist, after a series of failed, unhealthy relationships that resulted in low self-esteem and cyclical depression. I learned more about myself than I knew about me, thanks to him. Manny cracked open my subconscious mind, so that I could recognize and understand patterns of learned behavioural responses that begin in childhood. He and I worked for months and my life changed for the better.

I did all of the homework that Manny gave me to do: reading books, journaling and self-work. I learned to recognize when I was slipping, like an addict, to consume more of my drug: dysfunction, drama and a desire to be loved regardless of the negative toll on my life. My transformation wasn’t easy. Change never is. It took work and a conscious over-ride of my auto-pilot - my sub-conscious mind. Today, I respect, love and care for myself and have set the boundaries of who I will allow into my life. I highly recommend counselling to anyone who is facing challenges in their life. You will be guided through their knowledge and expertise and learn more about area's of your life that need fine tuning.

My Piñata idea came to me while speaking to friend. I told her that I had hit rock bottom in my life, resulting in me seeking professional guidance. I told her that Manny helped me dissect and “burst open my subconscious mind, like bursting open a Piñata.” Tracy said she liked the analogy and I agreed. I decided to write a book about the powerful effect of the subconscious mind and how to overcome past influences to live a healthy, positive life today. The Piñata Theory was born!

The Piñata Theory©
A Symbolic Theory about

What’s “Stuffed” Inside of You?
Discover Gems in Your Hidden Stuffing
& Kick Your Toxic Stuffing to the Curb!
Download Delicious New Stuffing and Rock Your Piñata!

The inside of a Piñata is stuffed with goodies, and in order to get the gems, one must burst it open. Picture that you are a Piñata and ask yourself, what’s stuffed inside of me? From conception, you have been ‘stuffed’ or downloaded with masses of information, beliefs, pictures, and experiences. You had no control over most of what you downloaded as your Baby Piñata had no filter. All of this ‘stuffing’ was stored in your subconscious mind; your data bank. This data powerfully affects your daily responses, emotions and decisions. In order to crack your Piñata’s code (figure out what makes you tick), you need to examine your stuffing!

“The Piñata Theory” will expand upon multiple types and sources of stuffing (e.g., education, religion, family, ancestry, bullying, abuse, global coordinates, racism, internet, media, addiction) to help you dissect and understand ‘Your Personal Piñata.’ You will flush out toxic, painful or unhealthy stuffing and give it the big boot it deserves! Your new Piñata will be able to guard itself against the little sticks trying to break it down while still holding onto your brilliant gems. Speaking of gems, dear Piñata, you have talents and gifts to share with the world! I will show you how to bless others by sharing your stuffing! You will master ‘living in the now’ by consciously overriding outdated, expired stuffing. I will walk you through the importance of downloading delicious new stuffing and how to rock your Piñata’s beautiful colors! The Piñata Theory also highlights the greatest source of knowledge and love –‘God’s Amazing Stuffing’ and how our inner voice, The Spirit, is our life GPS!


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