Motorcycle Riders of Lakeshore Logo - created January 16, 2015 by Aaron Edwards.

I started riding a dirt bike as a kid growing up on a farm, near Comber, Ontario.   I knew right away that this was a lot of fun !  Except that I had to deal with two older brothers who didn’t like baby sister riding the bike!  My brother actually popped a wheelie when I was sitting on the back, making sure he’d drop me in the cucumber field laneway.   Brothers!

In 2012, some 40 years later, I decided to go out and buy my own motorcycle.  It was a little nerve racking learning to drive again, but like riding a bicycle, the “feel” quickly returned.   Thousands of kilometers later, I have rode alone, with friends and with a group I started called “Motorcycle Riders of Lakeshore”.   The feeling of riding a motorcycle down the highway is unlike driving an automobile.  Everything is wide-open and riders can experience the beauty, smells and sounds of the world upfront.   The world comes alive and more interactive, especially riding into the beautiful sunsets.   Motorcycle enthusiasts ride or gather together at charity events, community celebrations, “Friday The 13th”, local restaurants and hot spots.

Motorcyclists are well aware that our love of riding is dangerous.   We are smaller and harder to see than a vehicle.  I’ve installed better lighting on my bike and ride defensively.  I’ve had a few close calls including vehicles pulling out in front of me.  And, today, with cell phones, drivers are distracted, causing collisions, injury and death.  “Drivers engaged in text messaging on a cellular phone are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near crash event compared with non-distracted drivers.” (Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, 2010), courtesy CAA Canada website.

Please pay attention while driving, turn off all distractions and be extra mindful of smaller vehicles on the roadway!   My arms, my legs, my brain, my friends, my loved ones, all say “thank you”.   The bike can be replaced, I can’t.

TODAY’S THOUGHT:  What’s in your heart, that you’d like to take up?  Have you been thinking about riding?  Or, there may be something else you’ve been putting off.  I say, “go for it” and enjoy your life to the fullest, riding into every beautiful sunset with a big smile on your face!

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