Heartstart Defibrillators

In December 2014, myself and four co-workers aided a man who was having a heart attack. The defibrillator was used, and this saved his life. I cannot stress enough the importance of first aid training! You just never know when you’ll need it! We are all receiving a Chief’s Commendation in November 2015.  The reward of knowing that someone is still alive because of our efforts is “priceless.”

A few years ago, I used the Heimlich Maneuver on a nephew who was choking on pizza.  It really does work at dislodging items stuck in the throat by using air in the stomach to push the object out.  That pizza flew!  And, our dog was there to eat it up.  So, it went from complete joy in seeing my nephew speaking and breathing again to “yuck”!

TODAY’S THOUGHT:  We always think it’s going to happen to someone else.   At some point in your life, you will be in a position to help someone who is needing medical attention.  Sign up for First Aid and CPR training.  You will help ease someone’s pain or maybe even save a life!  Oh, what a feeling!