July 2014 from I phone 080

When I was in my early 20’s, I lived in a small farm house in a rural community in Southwestern Ontario. One Sunday morning, I recall beautiful streams of sunlight filling my bedroom.  I lay in bed, asleep, yet I could “see” everything.  I panoramically and vividly viewed the walls, the morning light, the curtains and all that was in the room. I sensed an incredible stillness and peacefulness.  I felt the warmth of the sun and the glory of life injected into my spirit.

I was above, in the corner of the room, watching my physical form, lying in bed, asleep.  I was then instantly transported to a room at my parent’s home, miles away.  I continued to “watch” from an eagles view, looking downward.   My Mother was embracing my nephew who was about 5 years old.   He was crying and she was consoling him.  She was assuring him that everything was going to be “okay.”

I next remember, being returned to my physical body, that remained lying peacefully, unaware, in bed. I witnessed and felt the traces of a translucent form fall into my motionless body.   As it did, my torso literally snapped up quickly, 90 degrees, as “it” (my spirit, I suspect) returned,  taking my breathe away.   I sat up, catching my wind, thinking, “wow” that was quite the dream!  I had returned to reality.

That day, I phoned my Mother and told her about my “dream.”  As I was recollecting the details, the phone went silent at the other end.   I said “Mom, are you still there?”  She said “Jeremy was in my room this morning, crying.”  My nephew had spent the night there, as my sister and brother-in-law went out for the night.   Jeremy, as most young children do, pine for their parents.  Mom was reassuring him that they were coming home soon.   I had no idea that Jeremy had spent the night there.   I told Mom, that I’d seen it all .

I knew that this was not a dream.  Was I meant to die that day?  We’ve all read or heard about “out of body experiences” especially those who have temporarily “died” and “experienced a warm comforting light, like being in Heaven” only to return for further days, months or years on planet Earth.  Or, was I gifted in seeing the unimaginable?

Today’s Thoughts:  1/If you knew that you had “limited time”, what would you do?  What would you say?  2/ Can you stretch your thinking beyond the “norm”.   3/ Regardless of what you are facing today, “everything is going to be okay.”