The Piñata Theory™ – Available Internationally on Amazon July 10th!

What’s in Your Stuffing? Change Your Stuffing, Change Your Life!

Charlene Renaud is the trailblazing thought leader behind The Piñata Theory™, a witty metaphor she’s created to demonstrate the powerful influence of life experiences, stored within the subconscious mind. This captivating concept examines the stability, diversity and social outcomes of Human-Made-Stuffing…such as cultural beliefs, community influences, oppression, racism, abuse, addiction, trauma, religion, family dynamics and education. Like a fingerprint, your stuffing is unique and forms the reality of who you are and what you believe to be true.

There’s no better time than now, to burst open your Personal Piñata, with the aid of Charlene’s Piñata Decoder, to reveal how past adversity serves as your launch pad to personal growth and transformation. In order to better understand automatic triggers, fears or insecurities, and the underlying cause of depression or addiction, begin within, to examine your stuffing and dramatically change your life.

With the guidance of the insights, wisdom and techniques taught in The Piñata Theory™, detach from social patterns, belief systems and behaviors that create disharmony and dis-ease. With a new conscious awareness of your authentic self and connection to God source energy (Creator, Higher Power, and Universe) breathe in the healing power of truth, love, compassion and forgiveness. Create a brand-new trajectory for your life by celebrating your unique, sparkling, colorful Piñata…and step into your inherent greatness!

“Emphasizes the unconscious mind and the influence of insalubrious stuffing and substitutes with new refined spiritual and intellectual processes which will enrich life.”
Dr. Rizwan Rafiq
Chief of Psychiatry-Chatham-Kent Health Alliance, Medical Director MHAP, MBBS,
MDCH, Dip In CBT, Visiting Fellowship in ECT & TMS. Lecturer in Psychiatry –
University of Ottawa (March 2018).


Charlene Renaud is an international speaker and member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Global Speakers Federation. She is a Transformational Expert and Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. For the past 25 years, she has proudly served in Law Enforcement, as a Community Volunteer, and is a sought after Corporate and Conference Keynote

Speaker addressing Mental Health, Addiction, Global Love, Anti-Racism and Empowerment. She has a wealth of life experience and knowledge that she shares, to inspire people to live a positive, spirit-centered and healthy life. Her just do it philosophy and ability to connect with people of all ages, resulted in multi-level social engagement in tackling community issues. Her presentations are riveting,

resulting from research, life experience and working with persons suffering from drug addiction.