5 Ways to Kick Start your Recovery from Drugs and Alcohol

1) Hold someone accountable – Find a friend or family member to hold you accountable. You will check in with this person daily to update them on how your recovery is going. This prevents you from isolating and gives you some responsibility.

2) Surround yourself with people in recovery – It will be much easier doing things with other people in recovery, it can keep you within your comfort zone. Meaning, you won’t be tempted to hang out at bars or places with lots of drinking or drug use. People experiencing similar challenges as you, will be understanding and can relate to you.

3) Join a 12 Step Program – There are several 12 Step Programs available for persons suffering from addiction. Find the one that’s most fitting to your addiction and start going. It’s recommended to attend as much as possible at the start to build a solid foundation in recovery. You can find local meeting schedules online.

4) Check yourself into a rehabilitation program – This is a great start, it gives you the chance to dry out in a controlled environment. You will be surrounded by people on the same journey. Professionals trained in addiction recovery will help you understand the root of your addiction and provide tools to aid your healing and recovery. Most rehabilitation facilities give you the essentials on what to do with your recovery after you leave their care. This is called After Care – linking you to counsellors, programs and people who will aid you in your journey.

5) People, Places and Things – To increase your chances of staying clean at the start, remember those three words. Stay away from people who stress you out or are negative influences (e.g. people still using). Stay away from places that can tempt you to use (e.g. bar, nightclub, parties), and things associated with your drug and alcohol use.

Jordan Roy, We Recover Canada, July 5, 2018

Contact: jroy91@hotmail.com