Addiction and Recovery In the Family & Community

Reducing Stigma –  Healing People

Charlene and her son Jordan talk about addiction in the family: the elements of pain, heartache, uncertainty, as well as physical, mental and spiritual changes.

As a leader in drug abuse education and prevention initiatives, Charlene shares strategies, resources and community collaborations that save lives, heal families and create a safer community.

Charlene has spoken at hundreds of events, and spearheaded community projects, due to her deep love of helping people, especially those who have experienced trauma, abuse or social stigma.

Jordan has been in recovery for three and a half years and shares his life transformation from addiction to loving self, life and God. He shares the elements of success that helped him beat all odds: support, mentorship, support programs, conscious awareness, forgiveness and love.

Advantages of Addiction and Recovery in The Family and Community:

Understanding Substance Misuse and Addiction, Mental Health Awareness, Overcoming Adversity, Love, Support, Forgiveness, Truthfulness, Healing, Community Awareness and Collaboration, Addressing the Pandemic of Drug Abuse and Faith.