Professional Speaker, Life Coach, Author, Singer

“Step into Your Inherent Greatness!” Charlene Renaud

Charlene is a proud member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, The Global Speakers Federation and a certified Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation.

She has a wealth of life experience and knowledge that she shares, to inspire people to live a positive, spirit-centered and healthy life. She has been in policing for 25 years, gaining a vast knowledge about people and society.

Charlene see’s the challenging and harmful outcomes of mental illness and drug abuse (and addictions), on individuals, families and the community. Charlene is extremely passionate about the importance of drug education and drug abuse prevention.

As a trendsetting trailblazer, she initiated community drug projects that continue to enrich and transform lives. Her just do it philosophy and ability to connect with people of all ages, resulted in multi-level social engagement in tackling community issues. Her presentations are riveting, resulting from research, life experience and working with persons suffering from drug addiction.

Charlene is a professional singer who has performed at hundreds of community events and social functions since 1994, including the Canada Summer Games and anthems for the Detroit Tigers, Comerica Park, Michigan, USA.

Her lifelong commitment to helping the community began 24 years ago, when she decided to take singing lessons, as a hobby. Within months she was singing at fundraisers for local charities and joined a church choir. From here she began a DJ business that grew, over a decade, to entertaining at hundreds of events. Through her music, she helped many charities and organized large fundraisers to aid others. In 2007, she organized 22 performers for a fundraiser called A Night Of Music For Peyton. Proceeds of $12,000 was donated to a mother who developed cancer during pregnancy, causing health issues for her and her baby Peyton.

In 2000, she co-wrote and sang the “Highway 401” song, about tragedies that took place in the summer of 1999 on Canada’s busiest highway. The purpose of the song was to remember the victims and encourage safe driving. Charlene dedicated the song in memory of her friend and co-worker, Sgt. Margaret Eve, who was killed on the 401. Proceeds of the music CD were donated to the Children’s Hospital of Toronto. Stories about this song were featured on CBC News, the Globe & Mail, The National Post, CTV, Global News, CKLW and many news and radio stations across the province of Ontario.

In 2008, she received the George W. Greenwood award from the Canadian Professional Disc Jockey Association for outstanding public service. Charlene has been recognized for outstanding community service, as well as, service above and beyond in her policing career.

Charlene was selected to appear in a United Way of Canada video in 2011, being recognized for contributing to positive change and making a difference in her community, through her efforts in drug education and community involvement. In 2016, she was honored for saving a life with her co-workers.

Innerlight Magazine selected Charlene to be featured in their 40 Leading Ladies edition, highlighting women who lead and inspire others, through her example and work.  In 2017, she hosted her first live audience talk show — the Charlene & Co. Victory Celebration. This interactive, fun and inspirational show, interviews guests who have achieved victory over adversity. This show is about celebrating life, personal growth and empowerment. Bring this show to your conference or event: (put link here to Charlene & Co. Victory Celebration location).

Charlene has sang and spoken Internationally, including for these organizations:

  • Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce
  • Detroit Tigers, Detroit, Michigan, USA
  • Chatham-Kent Toastmasters on The Thames
  • Pretty In Pink – Women’s Inspirational Day
  • Diversicare, Tilbury
  • Chatham-Kent Dental Association
  • Thamesview Family Health Team, Chatham
  • Tilbury & District Family Health Team
  • Options Niagara, Hamilton
  • Akwesasne Family Wellness Group
  • MoMonday’s London
  • Kincardine Family Health Team
  • Delaware Nation at Moraviantown
  • Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit
  • Delaware Nation at Moraviantown
  • Chatham-Kent Recovery Day
  • Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit
  • The Women’s Economic Forum, Windsor
  • Charlene & Co. Celebrate Victory Event – CEO
    And many more!

Charlene’s Books

Co-Author in The Change Book Series (Book 12)

The Change Book series is published worldwide and quickly climbing the best seller charts. Chances are this book contains what you need to take your life to the next level. Each chapter will inspire you, as every co-author in the series gives you a gift of transformation delivered in a powerful and authentic manner.

Click to purchase The Change, Book 12

Creator of The Piñata Theory™

Charlene’s book, The Piñata Theory (link to buy book on Amazon – working on this…) is a delicious and witty theory about the totality of life experience, stuffed within the subconscious mind.

Discover The Piñata Code™ — how to heal, forgive and evolve from adversity. Charlene asks, What’s in Your Stuffing?” Are you ready to Rock Your Piñata?

Topics: Life Transformation, forgiveness, healing, adversity, global change, breaking social paradigms – addiction, racism, mental health.

Her book gave birth to Precious Pinata™ a world-exclusive educational character and book for children.