The Piñata TheoryOfficial Piñata Party
With Special Guest, Charlene Renaud – Life Coach, Speaker,
Creator and Author of The Piñata Theory™

The Ultimate Conference, Corporate or School Event!!
Invite your staff, club, or membership to a life-altering and spectacular day — The Piñata Theory™ Official Piñata Party!

Charlene will share delicious Life-Changing Stuffing from The Piñata Theory™, helping your fellow Piñatas:

  • Experience Forgiveness and Healing
  • Acquire Tolerance and Compassion
  • Align with Your Authentic Self & Inner Voice
  • Learn About the Damaging Effects of Racial Paradigms
  • Discover the Beautiful Gems in Their Stuffing
  • Annihilate Piñata Poop – Stuffing that Hurts Self & Others
  • Step into Piñata Greatness — Rock Your Most Colorful Self
  • Become Skilled in Piñata-Conscious-Over-Ride
  • Learn Piñata Lingo to Smooth Your Day
  • Locate & Download Transformational Stuffing
  • The Power of Conscious Awareness – Building Resiliency
  • Discovering the Piñata Code — Burst Through Your Shell

Rock your fellow Piñatas by hosting the world exclusive Piñata Theory™ Official Piñata Party! Groups of 50-100; 100-200; 200-500; 500-1000.

Guaranteed to be fun, expressive, colorful, sparkling and transformational. Charlene is going to knock the toxic stuffing out of you, (painlessly), and help you re-discover your playful, stress-free spirit and life purpose!

Dress your Personal Piñata comfortably — ready to dance, sing, cheer and celebrate!

Every Piñata who partakes is gifted with an autographed copy of The Piñata Theory™ book

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