The Benefits of Life-Coaching! 30-Minute Voice/Video Call*

50.00$ 30 minutes

Life Coaching Introduction – Advantages of Life Coaching, Unleash Your Hidden Gems, Purge Toxic Stuffing, Rock Your Piñata!


The Benefits of Life Coaching – Moving from Thought to Action!                                           

• Move ahead professionally and personally;
• Learn strategies and ideas to increase overall productivity;
• Integrate a structured system to facilitate setting and achieving goals
• Achieve more balance between work and home life;
• Reach important career or personal goals;
• Live with more focus, meaning, and purpose;
• Receive open, direct, honest feedback that is objective and constructive;
• Identify and correct negative beliefs and habits that sabotage success;
• Identify and maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses;
• Achieve and maintain focus to move toward goals!


*International Sessions are Video only, via Skype.