Best Sellers Bundle includes: The Piñata Theory (book for adults) & Precious Piñata Character & Book Set (for Children) & The Precious Piñata Song!


The Pinata Theory Autographed

The Piñata Theory™ What's in Your Stuffing? Change Your Stuffing, Change Your Life! Charlene Renaud is the trailblazing thought leader behind The Piñata Theory™, a witty metaphor she’s created to demonstrate the powerful influence of life experiences, stored within the subconscious mind.

Precious Pinata Collectable Character & Book: Precious Pinata What's in Your Child's Stuffing?

The New Standard to Teach Young Children about Health, Safety and Life Skills.

Interactive, World-Exclusive Design, based on Psychology, Prevention, Education and Connection.

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Precious Pinata Song

“Shake Your Pinata Fluff, You are Awesome Stuff!”

This original, upbeat and engaging song, was written by Charlene Renaud, with vocals and music production by Julian Telias of Argentina. The song is produced in English and Spanish for millions of people to enjoy. Thank you Gianluca Beer of Argentina for the Spanish translation of the song.

English and Spanish Lyrics attached with purchase!

Please choose the "Language" you would like the song download in, either  "English" or "Spanish" from the dropdown menu.

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  • The Pinata Theory book (for adults)
  • Precious Pinata Character & Book for kids (2pc set)
  • Precious Pinata dance & party song

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Precious Pinata Song