“You were born with unlimited potential. It’s time to step into your greatness” Charlene Renaud

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<strong>Charlene Renaud’s presentations focus on various topics:</strong><br>
Goal Achievement<br>
Personal Development<br>
<strong>Presentation Lineup</strong><br>
<strong>A Goal Doesn’t Have To Be Big, It Just Needs To Be Healthy & Satisfying To You!</strong><br>
If you have a goal to go fishing to get away from stress and turmoil, then that is a very satisfying, important and relaxing activity.  So often goals are attached to huge outcomes, yet simple goals are as fulfilling.  Bigger isn’t always better!  Simple changes can be very rewarding.  Life Coach Charlene Renaud is going to help people realize that they can achieve goals (big or small), by guiding them towards self direction, self action, as well as understanding how to overcome obstacles.  She also helps them see the patterns and behaviours that may restrict them and affect their confidence, thinking and choices.  She teaches participants to override and identify automatic thinking, as well as how to take steps towards achieving personal and professional goals in the areas of:  Peace, Love, Academic, Relationship, Career, Health, Spiritual Growth, Weight Loss, Smoking, Addictive Behaviour, etc.   Focus:  Goal Achievement, Relationships, Addiction, Personal Development, Inspiration<br>
<strong>Step Into Your Greatness</strong><br>
Remember when you were a child and you had limitless imagination, fearlessness, creativity and  were to the point with your priceless comments?  I will bring you back, to the child within, that artist, that painter, that pilot, the builder, the “whatever you imagined” state.   The confident self that existed before fear, limited thinking, sabotage and worldly existence tore you from your inner self.   Charlene Renaud will help people realize their hidden potential, by identifying and developing their gifts and talent, which leads to a life of richness through living in tune with our core being. When we are in tune with our highest self, our core being, we let go of fear, are happy in the moment, and enjoy the process of life.   We try the things we always dreamed of doing. There is no longer a need to be something we are not, or do things that destroy our mind, body, spirit or our God gifted greatness.  Learn to let go of limitations.  Take your talents and invest them where there is much need in our world.  Focus:  Personal Development, Goal Achievement, Inspiration<br>

<strong>Is Your Self-Esteem in Peril? Freedom from Self Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs</strong><br>
Healthy self-esteem is the manifestation of your spirit in action. When your spirit is suppressed, your self-esteem suffers. A healthy spirit and self-esteem will enrich every area of your life! Revive your spirit today by: living with purpose, living in peace, enjoying simplicity, living connected to God (or Creator or the Universe, or a Higher Power); adhering to personal core needs, setting and actualizing goals and listening to your inner voice of protection and recognizing sabotaging beliefs or triggers!  If your self-esteem has been compromised, then it’s time to let go of the chains that bind us:  past influences, subconscious influence and limitations we have created in our minds.  We must also understand the impact of collective thinking, as well as the influence of media and advertising.  When we fully engage our spirit in a physical world, inventions are made, records are broken and lives change from ordinary to extraordinary. Set yourself free and give yourself the personal authority and power to celebrate your life.  Focus:  Self Esteem, Personal Development, Inspiration<br>
<strong>Relationships & “TheToxic Triangle: Denial, Delusion and Blame”</strong><br>
Healthy relationships begin when we identify how these three actions or behaviours “Denial, Delusion and Blame” destroy relationships.  Explained in a simple way, participants learn about building mature, solid, healthy relationships. Discover some of the hidden psychological reasons why people avoid truth and resort to alternate realities and ultimately blame, in order to avoid painful emotions.  Learn to acknowledge your “core needs” by exploring relationships and their painful moments. Do you feel like you just want to “give up” on relationships? Or, do you want to improve an existing relationship?  When is it time to move forward for your own good?  This presentation will highlight the book “Emotional Bullshit” by  Dr. Carl Alasko, in which he speaks about his theory of the “The Toxic Trio: Denial, Delusion, and Blame” based on his 25 years’ experience as a practicing psychotherapist. Focus:  Relationships, Personal Development, Self-Esteem<br>

<strong>The State of Mental Health: When The Body Speaks</strong><br>
Charlene has the intuitive ability to know when situations or persons are not a healthy fit for her life. She developed painful fibromyalgia being in a very abusive relationship and finally suffered a serious mental health condition which forced her to completely remove herself from the relationship.
Charlene speaks about mental health – how to achieve a state of wellness through conscious awareness and being true to self. Charlene also asks participants to evaluate their mental health by taking a honest inventory: telling signs that it’s time to make minor or major life shifts. Charlene will demonstrate how to remain in a state of mental wellness regardless of the curve balls that life throws at us. Focus: Mental Health, Empowerment
<strong>Addiction Isn’t Just About Drugs:  Filling the “Void”</strong><br>
What is addiction?  It is an unhealthy attachment (in varying degree) to a substance, thing, behaviour or thought pattern that detaches us from our reality that may be difficult to handle, solve or understand from time to time.   Addiction can also be compulsive engagement of getting or doing something “more of” that we believe will make us “happy” and can turn into an unrelenting craving that affects our life in a negative way.  For many people, the word “addiction” doesn’t apply to them and can be perceived as a normal way of living yet may also become harmful.  What painful truth or belief lies behind many episodes of self-destructive or self-defeating behavior that leads us to dissect our lives, to further understand our triggers and core needs?   Here you will open your mind to detect the “addictions” that eat our spirit, and how we can get our lives back to spiritual, mental, emotional and physical wellness.  **NOTE: Serious addictions that include concurrent disorders should be handled with professional care.  This presentation is not geared for such**   Focus:  Self Esteem, Personal Development, and Addiction

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