#TeamPrecious #LifeStuff Show – June 17 @ 7 pm

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Nature and Outdoor Play Enhances Social & Emotional Development in Children with Seema Ibrahim, M.Ed., Ed.S, Early Childhood Consultant, PD Specialist

Seema Ibrahim is an Education and Intervention specialist, PD specialist of CDA council, Early Childhood Consultant, 26-year Day Care provider, an advocate for nature and outdoor play, and taught at Baker College in Michigan.

Seema is an expert in outdoor play and growing healthy children!

  • Develop an awareness of the benefits of experiencing nature and outdoor-play in the lives of all children.
  • Learn nature-related activities to enhance social and emotional and language development.
  • Evaluating how nature affects the quality of a learning environment.

In these times of social distancing and isolation, we can help our children through this challenging time by bringing them outdoors, to embrace, absorb, discover, and connect with the beauty of earth and nature!

Let children explore the mysteries of the wild world of nature!

  • Go for rain walks and let children experience the raindrops, jump in puddles, and becoming wet from the rain.
  • Lay on the grass and watch clouds.
  • Watch and Listen to birds.

Charlene will speak about Precious PiƱata her revolutionary children’s educational tool, used by parents, educators and therapists to teach children about life!

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