Arm your children with a solid foundation about life, emotions, health, safety and empowerment, with Precious Pinata – the incredible, huggable teaching character, recommended by parents, doctors, grandparents and educators! Thank you, Valerie Connell, for this interview and your passion for presenting topics we all need to hear and respond to.
From Valerie’s post on LinkedIn and Facebook: “Had a great time chatting with Charlene Renaud about how her career as a Special Constable inspired the creation of Precious Piñata, an educational toy and text that are designed to help children understand themselves and their place in the world, to support a child’s mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.
If you are
💙 an elementary school teacher, principal, administrator, school board member
💙 a pediatrician
💙 a social worker
💙 an integration aide
💙 a counselor
💙 a youth group director
💙 a child psychologist, psychiatrist or other mental health care professional
💙 a spiritual leader
💙 a community leader
💙 a parent
💙 responsible for any aspect of a child’s well-being
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Charlene Renaud

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