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Precious Pinata®

World-Exclusive Teaching & Therapy Character & Guidebook
Kids Health, Safety & Life!

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Educators, Parents, Therapists and Community Groups are raving about Precious Pinata®

Page Turning Guidebook

A good read that arms children with valuable life skills.

Amiable Character

A safe, relatable hands-on aid that teaches about life experiences.

Bright Lesson Balls

They represent life experiences, expanded upon as topics in the book.
For Parents, Caregivers, Educators & Community Groups

Precious Pinata Workshop & Training

Meet Charlene and hear how Precious Pinata® for children magically evolved from her best-selling book for adults – The Pinata Theory®

Receive an in-depth background about:

  • The Psychology and design behind Precious Pinata®
  • Professional Reviews & Success Stories
  • Research and Statistics about Childhood Adversity and Health
  • Advantages & Topics: Precious Pinata®
  • Growing Healthy, Safe and Empowered Children!
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Life Transforming

Charlene is respected leader in life-transformation, overcoming adversity, moving communities to action, shifting social paradigms, and creating life-altering products for kids.

Meet Precious Pinata® Presentation for Kids!

30 Minute Interactive Workshop with Precious Pinata® Mascot!

Precious Pinata® Teaches Children health, safety, Leadership & Relationships

Pinata Theory®

Keynote for Adults

Overcoming Adversity, Healing, Forgiveness, Mindfulness, Compassion, Mental Wellness, Social Paradigms, Cultural Diversity, Life Transformation, Self-Love and Faith.

Based on Charlene’s Best-Selling book!

Charlene Renaud is the trailblazing thought leader behind The Piñata Theory™, a witty metaphor she’s created to demonstrate the powerful influence of life experiences, stored within the subconscious mind. This captivating concept examines the stability, diversity and social outcomes of Human-Made-Stuffing…such as cultural beliefs, community influences, oppression, racism, abuse, addiction, trauma, religion, family dynamics and education.

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